Fundamental facilities and systems to serve You
Soil Survey

Soil survey information can be used to predict or estimate the potentials and limitations of soils for many specific uses. A soil survey includes an important part of the information that is used to make workable plans for land management. The information must be interpreted to be usable by professional planners and others. Predictions based on soil surveys serve as a basis for judgment about land use and management for areas ranging from small tracts to regions of several million acres. These predictions, however, must be evaluated along with economic, social, and environmental considerations before they can be used to make valid recommendations for land use and management.

Soil and Water laboratory

Soil testing is used to facilitate fertilizer composition and dosage selection for land employed in both agricultural and horticultural industries. We do soil testing in associated local labs, because they are familiar with the chemistry of the soil in the area where the sample was taken. Our soil labs offer a variety of tests, targeting groups of compounds and minerals. This enables Our technicians to recommend the tests that are most likely to reveal useful information.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

As global food production demand grows exponentially, resources are depleted, farmland is reduced, and agricultural labor is increasingly in short supply, there is an urgent need for more convenient and smarter agricultural solutions than traditional methods, and the agricultural drone and robotics industry is making progress. In the world, agricultural drones have been used to help to build a sustainable agriculture.


Computing capacity

Our computers are manage, process, and communicate huge amount of information. Real or near-real time information delivery is one of the defining characteristics of the computing capacity. Latency is therefore avoided whenever and wherever possible. To make it possible We develop both hardware and software frequently.