🌱 In one of our research projects that finished recently after several years of work, we aimed to optimize the production of dry beans.
🤓 Work began with soil analysis of the study sites, for field-specific values of nutrients. During the season, on the one hand, we studied the sowing technology, from the result of which we expected a 3-5% seed saving, and we also aimed at properly timed, justified nutrient supply and plant protection. With the ideal method and timing of the harvesting operation, significant results can be achieved in minimizing losses, hence we paid great attention to this workflow as well. Ultimately our goal was to achieve an average yield of 3 t/ha by minimizing the loss of work processes, and ultimately to utilize a yield quantity of 2.8-2.9 t/ha.
💡 The experiment contributed to solving the economic and crop management problems of dry bean growing in Hungary. By focusing on the problems identified by farmers, but also improving the growing process as a whole, demonstrable results were achieved.
❗The experiment also brought to light that bean growing is highly exposed to climate change and that extreme, dry weather significantly threatens crop safety.